Crossover Small

The small Crossover has a special application. The urn has a cavity at the bottom where you can safely keep some of the ashes while at the top, there is space to burn a candle. Crossover is available in a light or dark oak, or with black leather. The top and bottom edges of the urn are made of ash wood. The subtle light ash wood band around the side gives a stylish touch. Handmade with love and craftsmanship, this urn has a warm, but at the same time robust appearance.

Product specifications

Measurement 9 cm height x ⌀ 8,5 cm wide
Volume 250 ml
Material Oak, ash wood and/or leather


  • Warm appearance thanks to the natural materials
  • Fits into any interior thanks to its natural design
  • High-quality finish with attention to detail

Experiences of others

An urn for my father's ashes: I had been looking for one for a while but couldn't find anything suitable. They were all too ‘urny’. Too emotionally charged. I wanted something that was right for my father, for the person he was. My father had a love of wood, was also always working with it. So it had to be a wooden urn. I came across Memories to Keep and fell in love immediately. I order the Moon, but it turned out to be too big. I got in touch with Harm who responded quickly; I could take the Moon back and exchange it for another urn. My father's partner and I went to Harm's and he took time out to explain things. We both chose a lovely LittleWood, different but the same too. What I really like and find special is that you can hold the urn in your hand for a while. And that doesn't feel strange; the shape makes it feel soft and natural. It doesn't bring my father back but it is a lovely way of commemorating him. I'm very happy with it and grateful to Harm for this beautiful product and his friendliness when we were choosing it.
Beautiful!! Perfectly finished, beautifully packaged and delivered quickly. I am very happy with it. The urn with some of my wife's ashes and a lock of her hair stands next to her picture in the bedroom.
The Memories to Keep urns are made with love and attention to detail. You feel and see that as soon as you receive the box containing the urn. It's packaged warmly and carefully. The urns are pleasant to hold and the design is lovely so you can give the urn a nice place in your living room. I thoroughly recommend it! Mireille, Houvast funeral services