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Warm, robust urn with character

Cube is a distinctive urn, handmade from natural materials. The combination of oak, ebony and maple veneer gives the urn a natural and warm appearance.

The oak lends its strong character to the shape of the Cube.

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Cube with the robust, warm character of oak
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The wood is quite light in colour with a beautiful grain. This gives every urn its own exclusive and personal signature.

The four dark, thin lines of ebony and maple veneer add a subtle, serene touch.

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The Cube combines well with the LittleWood Love, the round mini urn that fits in your hand and is made of the same characteristic types of wood

With its sturdy appearance and high-quality finish, Cube is a stylish, sleek home accessory that fits into any interior.

Cube - Urn - uitgesneden - circle - Memories to Keep

We make the Cube in two sizes. This gives you space to safely preserve the ashes and affectionate memories of your loved one.

The opening is on the bottom of the urn and can be securely closed with a special lid.

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Cube small

14 x 9 x 14 cm
1000 ml
Oak, ebony and maple veneer

Cube large

19 x 12 x 19 cm
3700 ml
Oak, ebony and maple veneer


  • Warm, robust and personal memory
  • Fits into any interior thanks to its serene design
  • Character with a subtle touch
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