Ode - Urn - head - Memories to Keep

Serene wooden urn
with a photo

Ode, a warm and serene wooden urn, offers space for a photo of your loved one. A unique, stylish keepsake with which to preserve and cherish at home the wonderful memories of your loved one. The serene design of Ode means it suits any interior, wherever you want to have your loved one near you.
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Authentic, serene and above all, personal
Ode - Urn - small - Memories to Keep
Ode provides you with a visual and personal keepsake. You can add your photo to your order, and we will make sure that the photo is the right size to fit perfectly into the urn. The urn with the photo printed on aluminium in size 15x15 will be sent to your home.

Ode - Urn - small - Memories to Keep
The urn comes with a small glass which you place to the right of the photo. In the glass, you can safely burn a tea light or add a small plant: you choose exactly what you and your loved one would prefer.

Ode - Urn - small - Memories to Keep
On the bottom of the urn, there is a compartment in which you can safely store ashes, locks of hair or other warm memories of your loved one. The compartment is simply and safely sealed with a special lid. The urn holds 300 ml.

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Ode - Urn - bloemen - Memories to Keep


Serene, straight urn

L255mm x B80mm x H65mm
300 ml
Elm, beech and ebony wood


  • Warm, evocative and personal keepsake
  • It offers space for a candle or a small plant
  • The serene design means it blends in with every interior
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