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Vase, a unique urn in which to keep and cherish the ashes of your loved one

The serene Vase urn, with its aesthetic design, has a special use. In the cavity at the bottom of the Vase urn, you can safely keep the ashes of your deceased loved one.

In the Vase itself, you can place the most beautiful artificial, silk or dried flowers. This allows you to keep your dear one close to you in your home, in a subtle yet prominent way.

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Flowers offer consolation and a warm feeling
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Each oak Vase is handcrafted individually. The urn has a contemporary, tranquil design and is skilfully made, with attention to detail.

The light oak shows a beautiful grain and gives each Vase an exclusive and personal signature.

For a different look, the Vase urn is also available in matt black.

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We offer the option of ordering high quality, handcrafted flowers of artificial silk in pink or white, together with the Vase.

Arranging flowers can provide consolation in times of grieving but flowers can also offer warmth and joy. With Vase, you keep alive your memories and connection with the deceased person.

You can involve your loved one in special occasions by placing their favourite branches or flowers.

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The cavity at the bottom of the urn holds ashes, but you can also keep a lock of hair, sand, a letter or other memento in it.

Should you decide to remove the ashes at a later stage, for example to scatter or to merge them with the ashes of a partner, you can continue to use Vase as a stylish flower vase.

We advise you to fill Vase only with flowers that don't need water.

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Vase - eiken - roze bloemen - woonkamer - urn - Memories to Keep


Aesthetic urn with special use

32 cm high x 24 cm wide(st part)
3700 ml


  • Serene and personal memento
  • Fits into any interior thanks to its natural design
  • Suitable for artificial flowers that give you comfort and warmth
  • Available in natural oak or matt black
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