LittleWood River - Urn - Memories to Keep

Mini urn
as keepsake box

The LittleWood© is a mini urn or keepsake box in which you can save ashes, a lock of hair, some sand (for example if your loved one’s ashes were scattered at sea), a letter, a necklace, a piece of fabric or some other small memento. There is a lockable brass compartment with a volume of 6 ml at the heart of the mini urn.
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Pick me up and hold me
LittleWood Earth - Urn - Memories to Keep
The lockable compartment is at the bottom of the urn. It's easy to open using the Allen key supplied. You just place your memento inside and close the compartment again. And if at any time you want to change the contents, that's no problem.

LittleWood River - Urn - kind - Memories to Keep
How you use the urn is a personal choice. Some people like to place it on a home altar or bedside cabinet, while others hold it in their hands when sitting on the couch or carry it with them in their handbags. The mini urns are also a perfect way of sharing the ashes among family or friends.

LittleWood Sunshine - Urn - Echo - Memories to Keep
The mini urn has the appearance of a small home accessory which suits every interior. You put it next to a picture frame, vase or on a sideboard. And if you feel the need, you can pick it up for a moment when you walk past so that in a unique way, your loved one is still a part of your daily life.

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LittleWood River - Urn - Memories to Keep


Small urn

⌀ 7 cm and 3,5 cm in height


6 ml
Various types of wood


  • Inviting to pick up and hold thanks to the soft, smooth curves
  • Takes on your body temperature when you hold the urn
  • Is made of ebony and ash wood
  • Is unique and exclusive thanks to its design and the traditional process of sanding, glueing and varnishing
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LittleWood - Urnen - Memories to Keep

Traditionally handcrafted urns

The mini urns are traditionally handcrafted in Dongen. We use sustainably sourced wood in order to limit the environmental impact. The traditional process of sanding, glueing and varnishing is very labour-intensive and gives these high-quality products their exclusive character.
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