Embrace is at home in any interior because of its natural and delicate look and has a deep significance to you thanks to its special use. The urn has a special cavity at the bottom for the ashes of your deceased loved one, while there is a space for a plant to grow at the top. Each Embrace is crafted by hand from ash wood, a lighter coloured wood with a beautiful grain that gives each urn its own unique look. The top is delicately finished with a matt white edge, creating a lovely contrast with the green of the plant. You buy the plant of your choice yourself. We provide the Embrace with a white, plastic pot for the plant, that fits inside the urn. This ensures that the wood of the Embrace stays protected and is not in direct contact with any moisture.
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Product specifications

Measurement W 180 mm x H 200 mm
Volume 600 ml
Material Ashwood


  • Serene and personal memento
  • Fits into any interior thanks to its natural design
  • Suitable for a beautiful plant
  • Available in natural ash wood finished with a matte white edge

Experiences of others

Ilona van Vught
I always found the idea of urns so uncomfortable, a bit creepy and on display. That was the reason for me to never want one in the house. I am happy to have found this beautiful little wooden urn. I can hold it for a while, it looks beautiful and no one can tell immediately that it is an urn. This way I can always keep my dear aunt close by. Thank you, Harm, worth a lot to me.
When I saw the beautiful wooden urns on the website, I chose the Shadow. I knew straight away that I wanted to use it to preserve the memory of my father in, 12 years after his passing. Since my father's ashes had been scattered at sea in accordance with his wishes, I went to the memorial box I had made and found a lock of hair that had been cut off when he was very young and a tiny locket with a photo of my father as a child. I put them in the lovely urn and it's now in the living room next to his photo. It's so nice to have a memory so close by; you can hold the urn any time you want and it feels warm to the touch. Thank you for this beautiful work, made with love and for the memories which now have a nice place.
Loïs en Bram
When I saw the urns in a magazine, I loved them immediately. I'm mad about beautiful wood and I found other urns too cold; this was the one for my girls. The small version was too small but luckily, you have a larger version and that's what we ordered. We were sent a photo with 6 urns to choose from - really nice! We were quickly in agreement and the urn arrived the next day already. In a lovely box, with logo, a nice little pouch, an Allen key and the beautiful urn with a hand-written card. The urn was easy to open and we put the little pouches with the ashes into it but unfortunately they didn't fit through the opening so we had to empty the pouches a bit. My husband did that because I found it too difficult. We screwed it shut together and the urn is now standing on the table next to me. I pick it up regularly, it feels nice and warm and it makes me feel calm.