LittleVase is a charming urn with elegant curves and a unique application. In the cavity at the bottom of the urn, you can safely keep the ashes of your deceased loved one. The vase itself is perfect for some lovely dried or artificial flowers. The light ash wood and characteristic oak both have beautiful graining. This gives every urn a different and unique look. It is also available with a matt black finish. LittleVase is only suitable for dried or artificial flowers. With the urn, you receive a small bunch of pink dried flowers.
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Product specifications

Measurement 11 cm x H 17,5 cm
Volume 200 ml
Material Ash or oak wood


  • Charming and natural memento
  • Fits into any interior thanks to its natural design
  • Suitable for dried or artificial flowers
  • Available in natural ash wood, oak or with a matt black finish

Experiences of others

Sonja van der Veen
Just received my mini urn, what a beautiful urn. The packaging, the urn, all done with attention to detail and care. In addition, superfast delivery. I am very happy with my decision, it has a nice place next to my mother’s picture.
An urn for my father's ashes: I had been looking for one for a while but couldn't find anything suitable. They were all too ‘urny’. Too emotionally charged. I wanted something that was right for my father, for the person he was. My father had a love of wood, was also always working with it. So it had to be a wooden urn. I came across Memories to Keep and fell in love immediately. I order the Moon, but it turned out to be too big. I got in touch with Harm who responded quickly; I could take the Moon back and exchange it for another urn. My father's partner and I went to Harm's and he took time out to explain things. We both chose a lovely LittleWood, different but the same too. What I really like and find special is that you can hold the urn in your hand for a while. And that doesn't feel strange; the shape makes it feel soft and natural. It doesn't bring my father back but it is a lovely way of commemorating him. I'm very happy with it and grateful to Harm for this beautiful product and his friendliness when we were choosing it.
Ilona van Vught
I always found the idea of urns so uncomfortable, a bit creepy and on display. That was the reason for me to never want one in the house. I am happy to have found this beautiful little wooden urn. I can hold it for a while, it looks beautiful and no one can tell immediately that it is an urn. This way I can always keep my dear aunt close by. Thank you, Harm, worth a lot to me.